How to Make Your Hair Look The Best

When it comes to your hair you always want to make sure you are looking your best and there are some simple things you can do, which weHair Styles will be covering in this article. Firstly lets take a look at what you should not be doing. Over use of colouring is by far the most damaging to your hair, although it looks nice to have a nicely couloured it does do damage. Try to limit the amount of times you dye your hair and and stick to your natural hair colour when you can. Another damaging component to your hair is the sun. The sun tends to dry your hair out, so it’s important make sure to use a good conditioner. The final thing I would say which might surprise some people is not to over wash your hair. By washing your hair you wash away the natural oils and you don’t need to wash your hairs as often as you might think.

Keeping Your Hair Looking Good

It is important to get yourself in to a good routine with your hair. I like to wash my hair 3-4 times a week. Purchase a good branded shampoo and conditioner, it might take you some time to find one that suits your hair the best as we are all different. Some people might require a dry hair shampoo whilst others might need a shampoo for oily hair. Another good tip is to get your hair cut regularly, I visit my hairdressers in saffron walden every 6 weeks. Having you hair cut encourages the hair follicles to grow.